The personal domain of Michael Lazar

Open Source

I enjoy writing software in my spare time and sharing my code with others. All of my projects are hosted on github and mirrored locally at



Gopher is an alternative to the World Wide Web that peaked in popularity in the early 90's. There are still a handful of gopher sites maintained by enthusiasts. I host one of them at gopher:// (http proxy). This is where I keep all my good stuff, check it out!

I'm a semi-active member of, a pubnix community centered around art, socializing, and learning. You can find me there at


Project Gemini is a humble, under development internet protocol with a lot of potential. This domain is the proud home of the fifth gemini server in the world, gemini://

I also host an HTTP → Gemini web proxy over at


The CCSO nameserver was an early form of database search on the Internet. I was interested in the protocol but I couldn't find any active CCSO servers still around on the web, so I setup my own. You can check it out here cso:// (how to view).

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