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The personal domain of Michael Lazar


I'm a professional software developer, and I also enjoy writing code in my spare time.

All of my public stuff is hosted on github and mirrored at


Project Gemini is a humble, under development internet protocol with a lot of potential. This domain is home to the fifth gemini server in the world, gemini:// (http proxy).

I developed a gemini server from scratch, Jetforce, which I am pretty proud of and has gained significant adoption within the community. Along with Astrobotany, a social gemini app where you can tend to your own virtual plant. Some of my other projects include archiving gemini://, syntax highlighting for JetBrains and torture testing gemini servers.

I also host an HTTP → Gemini web proxy over at


I'm an aficionado of fine, quality ASCII art! In particular, I like the "line" and "solid" styles that were popularized on BBS & usenet groups in the 90's and early 00's. I've built up a substantial collection of ASCII art from various sources which you can find here at the ASCII ART EMPORIUM.

I also dabble in my own ASCII art, which can be viewed in my ASCII Art Gallery.


Gopher is an alternative to the World Wide Web that peaked in popularity in the early 90's. There are still a handful of gopher sites maintained by enthusiasts. I host one of them at gopher:// (http proxy), which runs on python using the Flask Gopher extension that I developed. This is where I keep all my good stuff, check it out!

My other gopher server is HN Gopher, a Hacker News mirror running on a Raspberry Pi in my living room.

My other other gopher server is PyGopherd, an older python server by jgoerzen which I adopted, ported to python 3, and added a bunch of cool features like support for TLS & gemini://.

Spartan 💪

Spartan is my own take at designing a small internet protocol, with a focus on being simple and fun to use. You can read the specification hosted on my reference server, spartan:// (http proxy), or jump straight to the guestbook.

Spring '83

Spring '83 is a super fringe, decentralized social networking protocol built on top of HTTPS that can be characterized as a "Magazine Rack" or "Newspaper Classifieds". I wrote a Spring '83 server with Django which I affectionately named Let's Dance and is currently running over at (and federated with at least one other server instance).


I wrote an ill-advised software license for personal use, you can read about it here:

The Human Software License

A hobbyist software license that promotes maintainer happiness through personal interactions. Non-human legal entities such as corporations and agencies aren't allowed to participate.


The CCSO nameserver was an early form of database search on the Internet. I was interested in the protocol but I couldn't find any active CCSO servers still around on the web, so I setup my own. You can check it out here cso://, along with instructions for running your own server using docker.

I'm a semi-active member of, a pubnix community centered around art, socializing, and learning. You can find me there at


I developed Reddit Terminal Viewer, a semi-popular TUI application for browsing reddit. It's no longer maintained for reasons, but you can still get it to work with a bit of elbow grease. There were a few forks at the time, but to my knowledge none of them are active anymore.

Working on RTV spawned a few other python libraries. A fork of the python reddit client for backwards compatability, and a patch for mailcap that later made it into the python standard library.


Adobe Flash is still alive! Check out and get the browser extension.

I host a little site,, with a curated collection of atmospheric flash videos from /f/. It's nice background music for working or studying.

Other Projects

(in no particular order)


I hold a US patent. It's inconsequential, but hey, why not show it off?

US9448301B2 - Calibrated radar apparatus and associated methods

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